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Watch As 10 Volvo Cars Dropped From Sky In Crash Test Course

Volvo Crash Test

Few automakers are as committed to vehicle safety as Volvo. In fact, the Swedish brand has even risked alienating prospective customers with a number of its safety measures, including earlier this year when all its vehicles were limited to a top speed of 112 mph to scale back the probabilities of fatal car accidents.

Volvo Crash Test

In a new video shared by the auto maker, we have a tendency to got a lot of insight into Volvo’s intense crash-testing program, and it’s rather over your average barrier take a look at. Designed to mimic a lot of extreme crash situations, the Volvo Cars team used a crane to drop AN XC40 SUV to rock bottom from a height of thirty meters (just underneath one hundred feet).

The XC40 wasn’t the sole Volvo to endure this check, with a shiny V60 wagon conjointly destroyed and 10 completely different Volvo’s in total concerned within the check.

Volvo Crash Test

With release specialists within sight, the check allowed these professionals to search out the most effective ways and tools to free occupants cornered in a very severely broken vehicle. Most of the time, standard crash tests permit the car’s doors to be opened, however not each real-life crash unfolds this manner, and this was the aim of Volvo’s dramatic check. release specialists square measure usually needed in bound accidents like high-speed collisions, once associate degree accident involves a section of the vehicle wherever there are not any heat-absorbing crumple zones, or once a automotive hits a truck.

Volvo Crash Test

Specialists aforesaid that in these worst-case crash situations, occupants square measure usually severely blistered and also the questionable “golden hour” refers to the amount of your time between releasing them and obtaining them to the hospital to avoid wasting their lives.

“We hope nobody ever has to expertise the foremost severe accidents, however not all accidents is avoided,” explained Hakan Gustafson, senior investigator for the Volvo Cars Traffic Accident analysis Team. “It is important [that] there square measure ways to assist save lives once the foremost severe accidents do happen.”

Typically, these release specialists train on previous vehicles from scrapyards, however since trendy cars square measure made therefore otherwise, Volvo’s check allowed them to investigate however a replacement vehicle behaves in a very severe crash.

Along with the brand’s efforts to reduce distractions for drivers, it’s encouraging to envision the daring steps taken to confirm that we’re all higher protected on the roads.


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