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Volkswagen Beetle Truck Idea Looks Incredible

Volkswagen Beetle Truck

Volkswagen Beetle, you’d probably imagine is a cutesy curvy car with a deep automotive history. Converting to a truck won’t probably reach the table, more so, a camper.

Volkswagen Beetle Truck

Yet, that’s actually what Steve Goodfellow of Current Exemplary Rides thought of when he began his Bug venture. Beginning with a 2000 New Scarab GLX 1.8 Turbo as the base, Goodfellow experienced passionate feelings for Insect pickup and during the time spent making one, thought of including a versatile camper in it as a raised tent.

Volkswagen Beetle Truck

As found in the pictures over, the end result looks great. The entire bundle is smaller and an ideal option for the individuals who don\’t need a monstrous RV sitting in their carport.

The tent help structure was made with square aluminum stock and can be set up inside five minutes. It very well may be collapsed away for capacity or while on the way, which looks truly clever dependent on the pictures gave previously. The raised tent is large enough for two individuals to stay in bed (or three on the off chance that you have a little child).

Goodfellow additionally referenced that the camper at the back has a 12V electrical plug and a different USB charger, in addition to a Drove light strip for perusing around evening time. These electricals are associated with marine evaluation outlets on the bed divider.

Volkswagen Beetle Truck

This isn’t the last Beetle pickup camper that Goodfellow and his Advanced Exemplary Rides will actually make. There\’s one that will accompany a 2-inch lift, a greater arrangement of tires, and a turbo-diesel motor, while offering more enhancements like a force generator, compact latrine, little cooler, and an oven. A full-electric Bug pickup is additionally in the pipeline.

For the individuals who need more space, Goodfellow said that they will be delivering a tear camper choice in 2021.


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