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US President-Elect Joe Biden And His Cars

Joe Biden And His Cars

As it seems, the President-elect of the u. s. of America is additionally a petrol head. Here’s a glance at his cars over the years and what the Biden administration may mean for the North American country car business.

Joe Biden And His Cars
Studebaker Champion

It’s been a dramatic few days if you have been following the North American country Presidential Elections. when a protracted stand-off, democratic candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Jnr., was elected as the forty sixth President of the u.s. on November 7 2020, beating incumbent North American country President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden And His Cars
1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

Joe Biden managed to secure quite the desired 270 of 538 Electoral College votes required to win the White House. However, this is not a story concerning politics. we tend to square measure here to inform you that the forty sixth President of the USA is additionally a petrol head and loves his cars.

In fact, President-elect Biden was born and raised in and around cars. Joe Biden’s father managed automotive dealerships in Delaware for thirty four years and this mostly are Chrysler cars, whereas conjointly running operations for Ford for a short time,

Joe Biden And His Cars
1956 Chevrolet

“I remember my senior prom, being able to take a 7,000-mile Chrysler 300D off the lot,” Biden was quoted in one among his early interviews as different cars graced the garage of the Biden’s as a result of his job.

His 1st automotive although was the 1951 Studebaker, that was followed by a 1952 Plymouth Convertible that was finished in candy-apple red with a split screen. He as well had a 1956 Chevrolet in school and a Mercedes-Benz 190SL with over one 100,000 miles (1.6 100000 km) and came with a Solex mechanical device.

Joe Biden And His Cars
Mercedes-Benz 190SL

However, his most prized possession is his 1967 Chevrolet warship finished in Good wood-green and power-driven by a 327 cubic-inch V8 engine that produces around 350 horses. It also got a rear-axle quantitative relation.

The convertible was a marriage gift to Biden from his father in August of 1967 and has stayed with him even till now. The engine was restored and comes with tan brown animal skin interior to go with that pretty exterior shade.

Joe Biden And His Cars
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Prior to being electoral President, Joe Biden served as the vice president in the Obama administration and traveled in an exceedingly bullet-proof Cadillac car. As a rule, the Secret Service, the agency entrusted with the protection of the state heads within the North American country, doesn’t enable the President and also the vice president to drive cars throughout their term within serving term, and 6 months after. 

As the North American country President, he will be compelled to, over again follow that rule and can be ferried within the armored Cadillac, named ‘The Beast.’

Joe Biden And His Cars
Bulletproof Cadillac Limousine, The Beast
Joe Biden And His Cars

It helps then that a petrolhead president are leading one of the most vital automotive industries around the world. Under the new Biden administration, the world is expecting some major changes within the legislation, policies and more.

Biden and his Vice President-elect Kamala Harris square measure robust supporters of climate change and also the administration is anticipated to require huge leaps for the progress on electric cars and electric mobility within the North American country. Clean energy and green vehicles can will one the talking points over next four years.

Joe Biden And His Cars

The country is additionally expected to check the extension of the federal EV  tax credit, that is comparable to India’s FAME II grant, however comes with a 600,000 vehicle manufacturer cap. Instead, Biden may establish a $250,000 household-income limit for those eager to claim credit, leaving quicker adoption of electrical vehicles. Additionally, the Biden administration is probably going to accelerate conversion of public vehicle fleet to all-electric. Focus also will be required towards clean energy and building an EV charging infrastructure, notably within the rural area of America.


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