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Mercedes Benz S-class Price in Nigeria 2020, Review and Specifications

mercedes benz sclass price

Mercedes Benz S-class Price in Nigeria-The Mercedes Benz S-class formerly known as soderklasse in German words, is a full size luxury sedan, limousines and armored sedans by the German automaker a division of the Daimler AG German company.

mercedes benz sclass price

Mercedes Benz S-class in Nigeria 2020

Mercedes Benz S-class is virtually the king of the road setting the standard for status and one of the most respected car brands in Nigeria.

The S-class is one of the older cars in the class, but it continues to lead some very impressive rivalry of other German car brands such as Audi A8, BMW series 7 and the Porsche panamera. While performance or price is an advantage regarding to each car aspect the Mercedes Benz s-class remains the kings and queens choice for its all-round excellence.

The Mercedes Benz s-class outperforms every other car if luxury is the deciding factor, built to deliver performance in all situations. Mercedes Benz s-class 2020 can be used on good roads and bad roads alike as the wheels can withstand the roughness of the Nigerian road.

The Mercedes Benz s-class aren’t much more expensive to maintain than other cars, fluid and filters are the same as any other cheap cars ,brake pads and legs accessories cost a little more.


  • Wheel / Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Seat: 5 seats
  • Engine: 3.0L V6 biturbo
  • Transmission: 9 speed 9G-Tronic Automatic
  • Popular Color: White, Black, Blue and Red
  • Safety: Airbag, break system, child lock, etc.
  • Power/Fuel: Petrol/Gasoline/Electric

Interior/Body Style

mercedes benz sclass price

The 2020 S-class interior is lavishly spoilt with excellent leather materials and abundance of all kinds of latest technology features. Being the most opulent car across all of our ranking the S-class makes a strong case. Premium leathers and real wood use in most of the cabin, and nearly touch screens are of the highest quality comes with a comfortable interior that seats 5 persons perfectly. The interior quality is impressive with its modern tech features and fancy dashboard that can suit any occasion and class.

2020  S-class driver board is high-tech, with a display measuring more than 2feet across consisting of 12.3 inch infotainment screen to the right of it with crisp graphics, bright colours and swift animation.

Benz S-class Price in Nigeria 2020

The price of Mercedes Benz S-class varies based on year of production model and the mileage of the ride will also affect its price in Nigeria.

A brand new Benz S-class could cost up to N180Million naira while a foreign use can go for about a lesser price.

You can get a clean lower model Nigerian used Benz S-class for about N6Million depending on the mileage and grades. If you are shopping for new Mercedes Benz in Nigeria our team at kayharry autos can help you find the perfect deal from around Nigeria or abroad. We also provide quality car maintenance and repair. 

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